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The Charity Event to Benefit the

Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund.

Juno Beach, Florida

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Jockey and Jeans were founded by a group of former jockeys who not only wanted to publicize the inherent dangers of race riding but also to honor the courage of those who suffered catastrophic injuries on the race track.
Our motto is:

“We are the lucky ones. We walked away intact, but we will never forget our brothers and sisters who did not.” 
In the blink of an eye, the lives of these jockeys and those around them changed forever.

Yet “confined to a wheelchair” or “disabled” are not words Jockeys and Jeans believes applies to this special group of men and women. Each of them has made incredible adjustments in their lives. Their lives continue to have meaning, purpose, and commitment to family, relationships, and community.

In early 2014, five former jockeys gathered to host a jockeys’ reunion at Tampa Bay Downs. In only six weeks’ time, we decided to use the gathering to raise funds for our fallen brothers and sisters. With the help of Nancy LaSala, president of the PDJF, we raised $23,000 for the organization.

Thru 2021 thanks to the generosity of the Racing Community we have raised over $2 Million for the PDJF. Clearly, many members of racing’s family have decided its time to make a difference in the lives of these permanently injured riders.

Currently, PDJF makes monthly payments to 60 former jockeys whose career-ending injuries resulted in paralysis, brain trauma, and spinal injuries. Over half are paraplegic or quadriplegic.

Most PDJF beneficiaries use these much-needed funds for ongoing expenses. One long-time paraplegic says he uses his stipend to keep his specially built auto running so he can visit his grandchildren. A quadriplegic pay’s for weekly physical therapy sessions to improve his physical conditioning. Another who suffered a debilitating brain injury uses the funds for professional counseling to battle addiction.

It takes a special form of bravery to sit atop a 1500 lb. racehorse running at 40mph. It takes even more courage to rise above the challenge of catastrophic injuries that these men and women face every day. We ask the entire racing industry including the fans of our great sport to support our injured riders. Your generosity makes a difference. If you are not yet a partner, we hope and pray you soon will be.

Here is the video we showed at
Jockeys and Jeans at Churchill

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Anne Von Rosen Rehab at The Beach
Anne Von Rosen Rehab at The Beach

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Ann Von Rosen
Ann Von Rosen

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Mike Straight Rehab