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Jokckeys and Jeans Tampa Bay Downs March 29th 2014

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  William Boland & Walter Blum                 

Mike Manganello & Kitty Jimenez

Juan Palamio & Mickey Salomon

Vernon Bush & Billy Klinky

Pat Day signing posters

Barry Pearl, Mike Manganello,

Darrel Brown

Friday night dinner meeting

Ronnie Behrens & William Boland

Poster Signing 

Fans greeting Pat Day

Barbara Jo Rubin

Happy Birthday Mike!

Walter Blum and friends

Darrell & Maurene Brown

with Jacinto Vasquez

Autograph session Michael Straight

Old friends getting together

Nancy Lasala busy at work

Barbara Jo Rubin & Diane Crump

Auction Items

Ramon Dominguez gives

an inspiring speach 

to the crowd at Jockeys and Jeans

All the ex-Jockeys at Jockeys and Jeans 2014

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